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Pleasant Bay Zodiac Tours Rates & Schedule



The Western Prince II
2015 Season
Departure Times Adult Child
Students & Seniors
May 15th - June 30th Daily Departures 10:00am 12:30pm $55 $35 $50
July 1th - Aug. 31 Daily Departures 9:00am 11:00pm 1:00pm 3:00pm 5:00pm $55 $35 $50
Sept. 1th - Oct. 15st Daily Departures 10:00am 12:30pm $55 $35 $50

What About Guaranteed Whales?

Guaranteed whales? Sounds like a nice idea. However, unless you are at an amusement park, the reality is that the whales are on their own schedule, not ours. Remember that the magnificence of seeing a Whale in the wild is unsurpassed, largely because they are still wild and can be unpredictable.

We have a deep respect for the whales and wildlife we encounter and strive to act accordingly when we are in their presence. Our tours encounter  Whales on about 90% of trips May through mid October, which is as high whale sightings record as any company on the water. The truth is that all of the whale watching companies work together to find whales and share information with each other. It is very rare that one company will see whales and another will not. So, the main thing to think about is what type of experience you want to have with the boat and the crew. If whales are around we will know about it and we will take you to see them. And, if they are not, we will still have a worthwhile and wonderful trip.

Make an educated choice and join us! Call Toll Free: 1-844-244-2101

Please Note: While it rarely happens, we do reserve the right to substitute vessels and add or cancel trips based on weather and demand. We will always try to give as much notice as possible. 

Group Rates & Discounts avaliable